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About Myself

A skilled Full-Stack Web Developer, who likes challenges and puzzles, knows how to work with the most advanced tools on the market. I love coding and I'm a hard worker who wants to get as much experience as possible. You know how your website should look? Awsome! let me build it for you!


My Skills


Basic components of a websites that can create beautiful things in the right hands


A library with milions of tools that takes websites to a whole other level


Advance tool that helps creating web apps, used by all the big websites like facebook, you can see web apps that I have created below

The Daymaker App

Here You can see my first project:
This is a full-stack web app that I have built. It has a full functioning data-base and already been deployed and reciving users. It's a user freindly todo list web app, where you can keep all your assignments for the day and even plan for future days.

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